Why hire a Kelowna Interior Designer?

Why hire a Kelowna Interior Designer?

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You’ve been dreaming about your next home renovation; maybe it’s a new kitchen or bathroom remodel, maybe you want to transform your basement into the ultimate entertainment room, or maybe your whole house is in need of a makeover. Whatever your dream project may be, you might be asking yourself “How do I even get started?”. Whether you’re planning a renovation or just re-decorating, hiring an interior designer is a great way to get your project going.

Some people feel like hiring a designer might be too expensive or that they will lose control of their vision. The truth is working with a professional will likely save you money and help bring your design inspirations to life better than you could have imagined!

What is a professional Interior Designer?

Aesthetics are an important component of any interior design project but a professional interior designer focuses on much more than appearance. Great spaces don’t happen by accident, some people have a natural eye for putting together a room that looks good and is functional but it’s not always easy. Interior Designers bring together technical expertise and a comprehensive understanding of design to enhance the function and quality of interior spaces. Professional interior designers have the education and experience necessary to design and manage the construction of renovation projects. Designers also coordinate with other trades, suppliers, and other licensed professionals to ensure the successful completion of a project.

What do Interior Designers do?

Talk with almost anyone who’s ever tried to do a construction project without pro help, and you’ll likely hear one statement over and over again: “I wished I had hired a designer.” Even in smaller projects, like a one-room remodel, once you start opening up walls, situations arise for which only an experienced professional can apply his or her creative problem solving to save time and money. Like decorators, interior designers can help you choose fabrics, furnishings and paint colors. However, most professional designers are also certified to offer additional expertise in building codes, construction standards, project coordination and more. For example at Creative Touch Interiors, our experience in renovation project management is what sets up apart.

Advantages of hiring a professional Interior Designer

Planning: As we’ve said before, planning is an essential step in any project! We work closely with our clients during the planning phase to capture your vision and ideas and then set them out on paper. Transforming 2D floor plans and drawings into the construction of a 3D space requires a lot of skill, and it can be hard to visualize what your end result will look like. That’s why we use 3D rendering in the planning phase, with this tool we can make changes to the design before construction begins, saving time & money.

Savings: There are many ways a designer will actually save you money on a renovation project. Having a good plan at the onset saves confusion down the line and therefore time; saving time saves you money. Planning also reduces mistakes, which again saves you money. Designers also have access to supplier or “trade only” discounts. Finally an interior designer will oversee the entire project and ensure that work is completed according to the design specs – having someone onboard who speaks the language can prevent costly missteps.

Coordination: Designers are skilled at working with and coordinating the variety of contractors and subcontractors that will be working on your project. It can be hard to know where the responsibility for one contractor ends and the other begins. When things get overlooked or improperly constructed early in the process, it affects contractors later in the job. Because we work so closely with other home renovation professionals, we have a large network of skilled contractors who can get the job done within the given budget. At Creative Touch we work with the trusted network of renovators and trades people at Associated Contractors as well as with a variety of suppliers.

So whether you are re-doing one room or your entire home, don’t hesitate to look at hiring a designer. We work with you and within your budget to design your dream space! Designing, redesigning, or renovating often involves a significant investment of time, money, and effort. Hiring a professional interior designer is the best way to ensure you get value for your investment. Contact your Kelowna Interior Designers today to get started on your next project!

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