The Importance of Interior Design Project Management

The Importance of Interior Design Project Management

interior design renovation project management

You have a vision for a new design. You may even have sketches or a detailed plan. But it’s not just the vision you need, it’s the implementation too. Detail by detail, step by step, good project management is vital to saving you time, money, and stress, while bringing your vision into reality. An interior design project manager supervises an interior design project from start to finish. They lead, organise, and motivate the renovation team and ensure the project gets done on time and in accordance with the client’s unique specifications. Good project management requires interior design experience, along with supervisory and sales skills, exceptional attention to detail, and a motivated and enthusiastic disposition.


Every project has its phases. First off, we get together and decide exactly what your project is and what the timeframe should be. Next, we explore the project in detail, defining and recording the conditions, needs, and planning functions. When this is all done we start the design. We create sketches and provide a budget estimate. You tell us what you like or what needs improving before we sign off on a final design. The working definition, planning and instruction drawings are made, proposals are requested, and providing assignments and organising project administration is set up. The right blend of combining interior design and renovation project management can effectively move your project from a generalised concept into a specific, focussed vision.


Close communication is maintained throughout. Communication is key, and an integral part of the design process. Throughout all the project phases we maintain regular contact with you via telephone or in-person. At every phase or juncture you are kept in the loop, though we always ensure not to interrupt your day with trivial or unnecessary details. It’s not just about talking; it’s about developing and maintaining real and sustainable relationships with our clients.


With top value for your budget and expert advice at every stage, we provide you with all of the following:

  • Design development
  • Contract documentation and administration
  • Workflow management (budget & schedule)
  • General contractor and supplier management
  • A wealth of technical expertise

Available design time, production and material costs, delivery times, and manufacturing issues – from start to finish, we take the management of your project in hand. A good project management approach requires aligning with every requirement and specification within the timeframe and budget provided, and successfully getting you ready for your contractor. Utilising our long-standing connections with our trades partners we can timeline, coordinate and execute your vision with absolute confidence in a timely and efficient manner. We are fully equipped to implement all your design and renovation requirements to your complete satisfaction. We dispense with the stress and uncertainty of dealing with suppliers and building contractors to create an impressive and expressive design on time and within budget.

So reduce stress, save time and money, increase the enjoyment of the whole experience, and, most of all, enjoy peace of mind that your investment in us will pay off. Contact us today to discuss your next interior design renovation project!

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