Boho on the Island

We would like to thank our clients who hired us to design their new home in Victoria. We are grateful for the work and relationships that were built throughout the entirety of this project. Bryan Valiquette from Discovery Bay Homes Photo credit: Jacob McNeil from Platinum Creative Ltd.

About This Project

We highly recommend Paulette and the Creative Touch Team to complete your home design and renovation. Our project was as stress free as possible. Paulette went above and beyond to ensure we ended up with a beautifully designed, well built home.

Our renovation had some unique challenges. We purchased a dated two bedroom 70’s vintage condo in Victoria. We combined two established households with two people having divergent in tastes and needs, living in two different cities, Kelowna and Vancouver. Further, the Covid shutdowns had just begun. Paulette helped us solve each barrier successfully.

Paulette’s exceptional listening skills and knowledge guided our decisions that brought out the best in design creativity and functionality. Innovative shelving units, stunning architectural features, eye catching useful room arrangements resulted due to her care, commitment and patience. She invested herself in the outcome of this project, and our happiness was always paramount.

Creative Touch and Paulette went above and beyond our hopes and expectations. She guided our selection of a contractor, assisted with the choosing of materials, helped us select the right furniture and decor. She answered our calls immediately, she was always positive and she followed through with each promise. Her communication skills, design knowledge and professionalism were key aspects to helping achieve an outstanding result.

As our project neared completion, our contractor talked about his reasons for accepting our contract. He disclosed he rarely accepts small condo renovations, however he found our proposal exciting as it was innovative, unique and well planned. He spoke highly of Paulette’s approach and manner, thorough design information, and her accessibility. He and his team were happy at being part of this project, and he is impressed by what was achieved together.

Our renovation was completed in a timely manner. It was finished on budget. We saved money by listening to the advise offered by Paulette. We found comfort in knowing she was always there to help us and no problem could not be solved. Paulette and The Creative Touch Team were professional, committed and always delivered above and beyond. In the end, we now have a beautiful, stunning and comfortable home. To Paulette and her team, Thank you.

Name: Len & Rhonda
City: Victoria
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