The Creative Touch Interiors Team

Professional Highlights:

  • Leadership 2016
  • Project Management 2015
  • Business Entrepreneurship 2007
  • Interior Decorating Certificate 2007
  • Office Administration Certification 1999

Paulette Facca, CID Owner

Senior Interior Designer/ Project Manager

Since starting Creative Touch Interiors in 2007, my vision has always been to renovate homes. Growing up, renovations were a way of life for my family, as my father loved to fix and create environments to bring our family joy and a feeling of connectedness in our shared spaces. Family values are inherent to what I bring to work for our clients. It’s about more than adding beauty to a space. It’s about being there every step of the way to ensure the vision comes to life. It’s important to me to extend these values to the community I engage, so when I started my own business, I prioritized relationships with local tradespeople whose work I admired. I listened carefully to the trades, and to my clients, to bridge the gap between vision and execution. Meanwhile, I was establishing a new life for my son and I in Kelowna. Moving from Ontario (where I was born), and then becoming a single mother, wasn’t easy. I had to work hard to build a life for us. Fortunately, I found dragon boating, my second family. It’s what helps keep me going besides my son. I live by certain values, as we all do, but if there’s one thing that I say to my son, it is to be kind. Our values are what leads us through our lives. I am proud of who I am: an entrepreneur, whose Indigenous background has inherently provided me with the gift of skills in leadership and creativity.  If there is anything that I would say to others, it would be to follow your dreams and be true to yourself. Persevere and find your supports. We are all in this together.

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Our key services are project management, design & planning and styling & finishing, which provides our clients with a complete range of services to see their design through from initial vision to project completion. Not only do we value the relationship we build with a client along the way, but we see it as an integral part of the success of what we do.

Kat Desharnais

Chief Architect Certified Apprentice

Joining Creative Touch Interiors with a diverse and extensive background in construction, including lumber and environmental solutions, has proven to be an asset in my role as a Chief Architect Certified Apprentice in Interior Design. At the same time, it’s wonderful to have the opportunity to work in a creative field, where I get to flex my artistic spirit. Growing up, there was no doubt my professional life would veer towards a creative path; I have loved modelling, makeup design, costuming and staging from a young age. My parents instilled the values of self-discipline and reaching for one’s goals, and so it was with their guidance that I moved towards building my career in interior design.  It’s rewarding to get to do what I am so endlessly interested in.

Cindy Atkinson

Administration / Finance

I started my journey as an aerobic instructor over 30 years ago. 20 years ago I needed a change and went into the food and customer service industry. My leadership skills in both industries quickly led to management and administrative roles.

Today I am combining my love of how our bodies and minds work, my love to serve people and my love for order and organization with Creative Touch. Creating balance in work and life is key to happiness. Being part of the Creative Touch team contributes to my happiness with balance, integrity, hard work and even a little fun.

I love my life and my greatest wish is for you to love yours!